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Lauren Smith

My name’s Lauren Smith and ever since being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, I’ve been passionate about raising awareness of the condition. I’ve been involved in numerous autism awareness events to share my perspective of the world.

Autism can be overwhelming and frustrating sometimes. I don’t always see things the way other people do, which means I can become easily isolated. I don’t have many friends and struggle immensely in social situations. I also live with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which affects my life because I may become too anxious to join in with certain activities.

I hope you find this page inspiring and any comments would be more than welcome.

Thank you for visiting… :).

What you'll find...

I’ve set up this website to help raise awareness of Autism, as I find very few people have a genuine understanding of the condition.

My personal experiences of living with autism

I hope added my own experiences in these web pages and see a different perspective from your own.

Helping people to gain a further understanding of the condition

Autism spectrum disorder, commonly known as ASD, affects how people communicate and interact with others. It affects how they make sense of the world. This website is to help others understand.


I hope you find my website useful. You can find links to other websites and services that you may like to look through for information and additional support on autism, learning disabilities and mental health issues.

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