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I hope you find my website useful. Below there are links to other websites and services that you may like to look through for information and additional support on autism, learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Information and support for Autism...just click on the buttons to follow the link

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Direct Payment Scheme

Funds provided by the government so a carer can be employed to offer support to a disabled person or carers aged 16 and over. YOU CAN ONLY RECEIVE DIRECT PAYMENTS IF YOU'VE BEEN ASSESSED BY SOCIAL SERVICES AS NEEDING CARE AND SUPPORT.

The Firs Resource Centre

Runs social clubs in North Somerset for children and young people with additional and complex needs. Children can build a relationship with a trained buddy and learn lifeskills such as shopping and cooking. Parent drop in sessions are also available.


This charity runs holiday play schemes and social groups for young people and adults with autism in and around Bristol. They also run a sexuality and relationships support group once a month. Family support can also be received through this service.

Education Services...just click on the buttons to follow the link

Voyage Learning Campus

A tuition service for students who cannot access mainstream education, for reasons such as mental health issues or illness. Students are given a chance to develop their social skills and independent living whilst on an individualised programme. There are several bases across North Somerset. YOUNG CHILDREN CAN ACCESS THE BEHAVIOUR PRU. A REFERRAL MUST BE MADE TO ACCESS THIS SERVICE.

Weston Bay

A residential training facility for people on the autism specrum. Courses are run to help promote and develop independence, social skills and employability skills. Social activities, such as meals out, cinema visits and shopping trips, are also run on a daily basis. WESTON BAY IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO PEOPLE WITH AN OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS OF AUTISM/ASPERGER'S & WHO ARE REGISTERED ON A WESTON COLLEGE COURSE.


Independent Parental Special Education Advice provides information and guidance on legal school duties, appropriate provision and Education and Health Care Plans.

Support for Parents...just click on the buttons to follow the link

Supportive Parents

A support service providing information and advice to parents of children with autism. Regular support groups are held for parents and there are social groups for students.

Teenage Life Course

A free six week course in Bristol, for parents. This course is run by the National Autistic Society (Andrew Powell) and covers topics such as self-esteem, sensory issues, behaviour, education, sex and relationships and housing.

Coping with Autism

EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES LIVING WITH AUTISM An autism business offering mentoring, advice for parents, informative courses and sound healing sessions.

Additional Support:

CAMHS – A Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service catering for the needs of people with autism, additional learning needs and mental health issues. Students can be referred to therapies through this service. Students can also get involved in the CAMHS Participation group to voice their opinions on their personal experience. YOUNG PEOPLE MUST HAVE A REFERRAL TO ACCESS THIS SERVICE.

Autism Education Trust

The AET offers the largest, national training programme for education based staff.


The Autism Spectrum Disorder Outreach Team is an information and advice service that can work closely with schools to enable suitable provision and support is in place for the student with autism. ONLY SUPPORTING OF SCHOOLS IN BRISTOL.

Vulnerable Learner's Service

VLS supports educational providers to ensure positive outcomes for vulnerable learners. Training and one-to-one support within school can be provided.

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